PinSON'S Women

The women at Pinson Memorial are faithful workers for God's work. They love to gather together for fellowship, service, and worship. Below are some of the opportunities you have to get involved with other women here!

  • United methodist women (UMW)

    The UMW have a long history of mission and service in the United Methodist Church tradition. They work tirelessly on behalf and women and children locally, nationally, and globally. Becoming a UMW connects you with other UMW women all over the world as they all come together to serve God by helping women and children know the love of God and they help improve their lives. For more information contact Barbara Miller.

  • Pinson Angels

    Pinson Angels are a group of women who come together to raise funds to benefit the renewal of the grounds and buildings belonging to Pinson Memorial UMC. Pinson is the United Methodist's mission base for God's work in Sylvester. It is where we fellowship, worship, and study so we can be ready to serve our community. The Pinson Angels are dedicated to keeping it up. For more information contact Nell Calhoun.