This church, named for T. J. Pinson, whose heirs donated half the cost, was dedicated on March 3, 1913, by Bishop W. A. Candler. In 1893, when Rev. E. L. Padrick was sent to the Sumner-Ty Ty Circuit, Cordele District, a small group of Methodists in Sylvester asked him to preach for them one evening a month. In a school, on the site of Sylvester Banking Company, the first services were held. In 1894, the church was organized by Rev. W. C. Glenn. It was part of the Sumner-Ty Ty Circuit with Ty Ty, Sumner, Beulah, Wesley Chapel, Isabella, and Poulan, then in the Valdosta District. The first building was completed in 1898 and later sold to the Presbyterians. Today it is the Worth County Library.  In 1949, the educational building, a memorial to those who served in World War II, was dedicated by Bishop Arthur Moore. Other additions and a complete redecorating of the sanctuary were done in 1969. In 1970 and 1982, it was Church of the Year for the Valdosta District. Sylvester became a half-station in 1900, and a full station in 1905. In 1982, reconstituted Beulah Church became part of the charge.

     In 1898, the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society, now UMW, was started. In 1969, UMM was organized and sponsored many community projects including Boy Scouts and Vashti Walk-a-thons. During the early 1970s, the church started using Chrismon tree decoration, organized the Sunshine Club for older adults, and published a cookbook called Feeders Digest. During the late 1970s, the church started a pre-school kindergarten and purchased 2 lots for use as the playground. In the early 1980s, the Christmas Eve Candle-lighting service was started. A new parsonage was completed in 1994. The old parsonage, built in 1955, was converted for youth activities. The church celebrated its 100th anniversary in October 1994. The church is over 126 years old in 2021.