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Prayer Concerns:

Jo Farris
Holly Bailey
Mary Marr
Theresa Snipes
Gene Hagan

Jean Hagan

Callie Archer

Blake Brown

Don Moore

Mary Moore

Melissa Davis

Jovie Doughtry

Raymond Drennen

Teri Spurlin

Mr. Blaylock

Lexi Rachels

Ramsella Cowles

Miki Hutchinson

Roger Carlton

Gayle Miller

Kaitlyn Conger

Sue Register

Randy Booker

Margaret Anne Shaw

Loyd Shaw

Lenny Davis

Peggy Landrum

Peggy Snipes

Judy Cole

Gail Hagan

Maddox Joiner

Hurricane victims

Office Hours:
8 am-5 pm
(closed 1 hour for lunch)

Prison Soap Ministry:

We are collecting Dial soap for Georgia inmates until Oct 1. 

Food Pantry

The food pantry is in need of some items that are not available at the food bank.  If you can, pick up a can next time you are out shopping!!  Some items needed, soups (no creams,) canned meat, pork and beans.


All women of Pinson are invited to join s on Tuesday, September 10, 11:30am.  Bring a sack lunch.

Pinson Youth

Our youth group will start meeting on Wednesdays beginning September 11 at 6:30pm.

PMK Snacks

The PMK after school program will start on Monday, August 19.  We need donations of individual snacks (goldfish crackers, chips, Little Debbie snack cakes,) Capri Suns, Juice boxes.  Thank you.

Pinson Stitchers

Resuming Tuesday August 20, 1:00 to 3:00 PM.
Come join Stitchers Arts and Crafts, a place of wonderful Christian fellowship.  You don't have to know how to crochet, knit or sew.  Maybe you would like to work a jigsaw puzzle, color in an adult coloring book or work on some other craft you are interested in.  Maybe you just need some good Christian fellowship for a couple of hours on Thursdays.  We are just the place for you.  Come join us and bless us with you presence.  For more information contact Peggy Landrum or Rebecca at the church office.

Yard Sale:

You can start bringing your yard sale items to the church.  Please call ahead to make sure someone is here.

Children's Activity Bags
We have bags in the Narthex for children to use during church time.  Please feel free to let your child use one.  Remember to return it at the end of the service so they will be available next Sunday.

Extras to help Pinson and other outreach projects…..
Box Tops for Education*-we donate them to local schools
Aluminum cans-money is put into the church building fund. (drop off @ van shed)
Travel size toiletries* –we donate to Ruth’s Cottage
Please call the church office if you have any questions.
*Items may be dropped off at the church office.

Loading and Unloading Zone
Please do not park under the awing at the end of the Sunday school hall in the alley way.  Please leave it open for loading and unloading.

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