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Prayer Concerns:

Jo Farris
Holly Bailey
Mary Marr
Walter Killius
Harper McCrary
Theresa Snipes
Grady Snipes
Kerry Helms
Jeff Hobby and Family

Danny McDonald

Steve Purnell

Tammy Purnell

Cathy Green

Ruby Palmer

Jayden Sowell

Tom Watson

Irvin Powell

Gilbert Haskins

Charles Mcardle

Jamie Harper

Roy Sumner

Mim Sumner

Aaron Entrakin

Leslie Steele (Peanut)

Al Ehrhardt

Ruth Harvey

Family of Banks Spurlin

8 am-5 pm
(closed 1 hour for lunch)
Friday 8 am-noon

Food Panty

The food pantry is in need of some items that are not available at the food bank.  If you can, pick up a can next time you are out shopping!!  Some items needed, canned soup, stew, spaghetti, chili, tuna, chicken, any canned meats.

Children's Activity Bags
We have bags in the Narthex for children to use during church time.  Please feel free to let your child use one.  Remember to return it at the end of the service so they will be available next Sunday.

Pinson Stitchers
Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the great fellowship time with the Pinson Stitchers on Thursdays, 1-3pm in the fellowship hall.  We are making prayer shawls and caps.

Extras to help Pinson and other outreach projects…..
Box Tops for Education*-we donate them to local schools
Aluminum cans-money is put into the church building fund. (drop off @ van shed)
Travel size toiletries* –we donate to Ruth’s Cottage
Please call the church office if you have any questions.
*Items may be dropped off at the church office.

Loading and Unloading Zone
Please do not park under the awing at the end of the Sunday school hall in the alley way.  Please leave it open for loading and unloading.

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